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The speaker is the last, and sometimes most visible, piece of the puzzle, and can be the most difficult. And then it must have domestic approval! Resulting from our many years of choosing loudspeakers we have a wide range that we think covers all the bases, for all types of music and all environments, while never letting quality slip.
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Our two demonstration rooms are our most useful resource, and we know every minute spent listening is time well spent.
However, if you can't get to us, you can at least take advantage of our many years of experience. All the people at English Audio are musicians or music enthusiasts and have been putting hi-fi systems together for more years than we care to think about. Talk to Adrian, Les or Ian on 01432 355081.
Installation. If possible we do prefer to install systems so we know the kit is sounding at it's best in the home. (Also there are many little things we can do, little tweaks that together make a big difference.) Generally this is a free service, talk to us on 01432 355081.
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