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Rega Apollo-R CD Player
Rega Apollo-R CD Player


The Apollo-R is the subject of a lot of interest in the shop from both staff and customers.Rega engineers and designers have put a lot of effort and experience into this, and it shows; and at an extaordinarily sensible price for a UK built product. It took the completion of two of their multi award winning products, the flagship Isis CD player and the Rega DAC to pave the way for the Apollo-R

This amazing new player has seen improvements and enhancements in the following key areas:

* New Wolfson DAC

* Improved output amplifier circuit

* Improved digital power supplies

* Easier and smoother to use

* Redeveloped analogue and digital outputs

* Compact case design

* Available in black or satin silver

* An obvious and brilliant partner for the Brio-R amplifier.

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