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Rega Brio-R
Rega Brio-R Integrated Amplifier

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The Brio–R has caused huge interest, as new Rega products always do. It certainly does it no harm at all that it is designed and built in the UK (in Essex, actually), it is compact and versatile, and can sit alongside matching CD and DAC. Rega know their stuff and they have given it a substantial toroidal transformer, generous power supply components, rugged output stage, the use of film capacitors in the signal path and at all critical positions within the phono amplifier.

* 50 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms.

* 73 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms.

* Remote control.

* 5 line level inputs.

* Rega phono stage (input 1).

* Rega brand new custom manufactured case.

* Toroidal mains transformer.

* Sanken 150w output transistors.

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