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Cyrus Stream XP2QX Streaming Music Player
Cyrus Stream XP2QX Network Player

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Using Cyrus's most advanced streaming technology along with the superb Qx DAC, the Stream XP₂ Qx will make your music come alive.

And it’s not just your own music which this streamer will enable you to enjoy in higher definition. People love TuneIn radio; this fabulous internet radio service provides access to over 100,000 stations from around the globe!
You can create pre-sets, search for stations currently playing your favourite songs or just start listening instantly. With a massive choice of global stations covering all genres and real DJs selecting the tunes, you'll quickly discover new music.

The intuitive n-remote which is available to purchase with the Stream XP₂ Qx is really enjoyable to use. With a colour LCD screen, you’ll be able to browse music and radio in style, and save favourites for easy access next time. The n-remote is also able to control other items in your house

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