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Simple Audio Roomplayer Plus
Simple Audio Roomplayer Plus

Simple Audio Roomplayer Plus
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The Roomplayer Plus from Simple Audio is the first sound system to combine HD sound streaming with Powerline network distribution.
The Roomplayer+ can play a huge amount of file formats up to 24bit and using the innovative Powerline technology to send your network down your existing electricity cables you don't have to worry about running ethernet cables or wifi signals dropping out.
There are two versions of the Roomplayer+. The first has analogue and digital outputs to feed into an existing sound system. The Roomplayer with amp has a 2x50W class D amplifier in the box as well, you can run some high quality speakers with stunning results.
Operation is done all from either a computer or an ipod touch etc. and so you don't need to get at the Roomplayer. This means several be tucked away around the house making for a Simple (excuse the pun) multirooom system.

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