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Multiroom Wired and Wireless systems

Multiroom entertainment: the ability to watch, listen to, and control whatever you want in any room of the house with minimum hardware and maximum user-friendliness! We have been doing systems like that for over 25 years, which makes English Audio one of the longest established multi-room specialists in the country.
Some branded wireless systems can work well enough although there are definite limits to quality and flexibility. The preferred way to do it is a non-intrusive wired system, literally built in to the fabric of the home in much the same way as central heating or lighting. All that you see typically are discreet flush mounted ceiling speakers and elegant in-wall keypads, but hidden away is a sophisticated, high quality, reliable distribution system that will be easy to use for the whole family; simply one higher quality music system rather than a separate system in each room.

Today, touchscreen LCD panels,handsets and tablets can do much more than select and control your music;
• select and dim the lighting programme or sequence
• open or close curtains
• call up the playlist from your ipod or hard-disk server and select by artist, genre, etc
• do all of the above from your LCD remote control handset, phone or tablet
*fully control any video or sound source
If you have a new-build or major restructuring we would typically meet on site with your architect and electrician to plan multiroom and automation into the building schedule. Prior to that we may have visited you to discuss your requirements and discuss what can be done within your budget. It is also popular to extend the system outside the house - weatherproof speakers are now very good and can be left permanently in situ.

If you are tempted by the idea of home automation/multiroom, call one of us at English Audio and we'll be glad to come and discuss the possibilities. A comment frequently made by our multiroom customers is that having lived with the system, they cannot imagine how they lived without it!

Heos by Denon

Install the free HEOS app on as many phones and tablets as you like. Control the music in every room from any device. Group two or more rooms together to play the same song perfectly synchronised in party mode. Play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune.


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